Paper Airplanes: With Love

I know it sounds stupid, but I've never really thought of the element of craft that comes with paper goods. I associate craft with three dimensional objects, metals, textiles, wood, and ceramics.

This video has completely changed my perspective.

Who knew paper planes could be full of so much love?


Badgers Make Great Instruments

When I was a stoned teenager, my friends and I all thought that theremins were the most mind boggling thing. You could actually play the air to make music. It's a pot-head's dream.

Enter: David Cranmer

Not only did he think a theremin wasn't weird enough on it's own, he decided it was the perfect end use for a taxidermied badger.

See the "Badgermin" in action:

Life is better with a sense of humor. Via NPR


Sunny Sunday Morning

Every Sunday Morning, I wake up and this is the exact thought that goes through my head. 
Colleen Pugh has captured the essence of a sunny morning perfectly. 
Buy this print here.


You're Broke Now What Are You Going to Eat- Challenge.

I recently hit a bit of a rough patch in my finances.

By a rough patch, I mean I moved. I just can't seem to get back in my rhythm of paycheck-expenses-save-paycheck-expenses-save.

 Lately it seems like it has been just expenses-expenses-expenses.

Anyhow, I'm not one to sit back idly and complain. I'm a problem solver. My problem is... I have no money, but I love my job, so I can't change jobs, and the job I work requires me to work crazy hours, so I can't get a second job.
Well, this isn't really about money.

The lack of money was just the reasoning behind my "You're-broke-now-what-are-you-going-to-eat" Challenge. The answer to this challenge for me was as easy as not eating out. Sounds easy...


This challenge includes no prepackaged meals, no a-la-carte whole foods dinners, no coffee on the way to work. Everything has to be made by me. So, it actually is a challenge, but two weeks in, and I'm feeling better (do you realize how much junk is in ready made food), more financial fit, and thinner.

As my mom always says (albeit jokingly), "you can never be too rich or too thin!"

This got me thinking. Why haven't I done this before? Why has making my lunch for work every day been such a hassle? In the past couple of weeks I've realized just how little time it actually takes to pack a lunch. I don't even eat sandwiches and it doesn't take that long.

Now that I'm on an economical food kick, the biggest purchases I'm craving are beautiful receptacles to make my meals on the go just that more enjoyable.

Enter this tea infuser from David's Tea. It is glass and has a teak top with a built in tea infuser. It eliminates the need for a tea bag. The tea will actually taste good. And...the glass doesn't have  any of the toxins plastic has. It's also only $29.95, which is a real steal considering the cost of tea-to-go daily.

Have I mentioned its absolutely stunning visually?

This lunchbox is from the MoMA store. It's weird to think an art museum store sells lunch boxes, but MoMa sells great design, no matter what it is. This is the perfect lunch box. Not only does it cater to someone that prefers a lunch that does not consist of a sandwich, potato chips and a juice box... but each component is removable. The diagonal part is removable (!) so you can heat up one part and leave one part cold. There's also a little part for sauces. I can't count on my fingers how often I've gotten salad dressing all over my entire lunch.

This is just a life saving lunch box.

Now I know not everyone is going to start cooking all their own meals, but it definitely deserves food for thought. It's cheap and healthier, and with transporting options like these, it might even be more enjoyable.