Periwinkle Pops


Considering I call myself a "woodsy minimalist," it probably comes as a bit of a surprise that one of my favorite designers is Matthew Williamson.

He designs dresses in the easiest silhouettes, but makes them fresh with embellishment, texture, and the most amazing color combinations.

Both of these dresses are the epitome of fresh and fun femininity. 
Each has a neutral backdrop, but the pops of color and unique detailing makes them true works of art.

They both also feature the most remarkable periwinkle color, that I have my eye on to be a key trend for SS13. 
NYFW is a little over a month away. I can't wait to see what's to come.


Things That Are Awesome Thursday: City Geometries

Photos by Me

Cities are really amazing places. There are so many people, so many things; all in all, a whole lot of energy confined to the same space at once.

I always find it awe inspiring to find a moment of serenity in cities.
Lately, I've been really inspired by the geometric lines in these quiet city moments.

The top picture is of TV antennas in Lisbon and the second picture is on the Williamsburg Bridge in New York. They're totally different places and very different cities, but they both have these wonderful serene moments. I think between the stark blue of the Portuguese sky and the hazy grey of New York, these pictures also embody my anticipation of the coming season change into fall.

While you'll never hear me complain about a summer day in Portugal (or anywhere for that matter), I'm definitely ready and looking forward to a heathered New York fall.


Ancient Adventures


There's something about these photographs that so eloquently captures the thrill of adventure for the "modern man."
 Though both were taken in the late 19th century, they still seem relevant.
These photographs show impeccably dressed men on bike tours, in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

I'm 90% sure the second photograph was taken in Norway. I think I've been there.  It is slightly embarassing to not be entirely sure, but I do believe that life in color, over a century later, looks quite a bit different. But, if I do remember correctly, this lookout point is  much more awe inspiring than this photograph would lead you to believe, and that's saying a lot.
However, having been there, I can also confirm (in case you couldn't tell) that to bike all the way up to that look out point would be a challenge I would not be excited about.

These men must have been quite fit to make it to the top on those antique bikes and in suits!


Fabric From The Mountains


I'm positively addicted to jackets. Unlike cardigans, they offer a bit of structure and come in a much wider variety of silhouettes and fabrics.

When I saw the street-style snap by Tommy Ton, I was immediately captivated by this jacket. The vibrant colors and perfect biker-jacket silhouette had me swooning.

Lo and Behold, I then happened to stumble upon the designer of this stunning Jacket.

Thu Thu is a Vietnamese designer who grew up and lives in Europe. She sources all of her fabrics from the highlands of Vietnam and then juxtaposes these traditional fabrics with silhouettes and contemporary trends of Europe.
And the mix is pitch-perfect!


Trip Tunes

I haven't posted any music in a couple of weeks.

I've been obsessed with this song by Vacationer for a while. It has that perfect chill factor, but also makes you want to dance. It makes you daydream in the winter, and read to go on an adventure in the summer.

Needless to say, I've been working a ton lately, and I definitely need to take a trip. 
While I won't get away until the end of August, at least I can listen to this and pretend in the meantime.

Also, you HAVE to check out their website.
Not only does it play this super catchy and peaceful tune, but it actually takes you on the trip you've  been dreaming of.

Seriously...what isn't the internet capable of?


Things That Are Awesome Thursday: Berry Season


As much as I am not a foodie, I do love seasonal produce.
My favorite season is Berry Season.
Though it normally lasts no longer than a split second, this year, it seems to go on for ages. I'm certainly not complaining. It's such a luxury to be able to eat berries for breakfast, snacks and dessert. Going back to apples as my fruit of choice will certainly be less than appealing after this summer.
In the past 4 days I've eaten 2 pounds of strawberries alone!

It's definitely gluttony on a godly level!


Surprise Ideas

This Saturday, as it was too hot to think, I spent most of the day curled up next to my air conditioner, catching up on my reading. I finally opened the most recent issue of Fast Company, and I found this ad.
I think what drew me to the ad was that I really didn't know what on earth it was about, but the phrase "you talk. we draw. it's awesome."
Well, it really stood out.

I tore the ad out and went to their website. 
(way to go guys! very successful advertisement: it did exactly what it was supposed to do.)

Anyway, upon further investigation, it turns out Ink Factory Studio is absolutely brilliant.

In an age where engaging your audience is everything, and powerpoint is everywhere (boring), they have this amazing niche in creating unique and inspired real-time visuals during meetings for their clients.
The Chicago based team of three "graphic recorders" at once creates stimulating visuals, but also conveys important information in a very accessible way.
They've even worked with kids in the Golden Apple Foundation to teach the "next generation" of graphic recorders.
You can follow their blog to see some of their most recent projects and keep an eye out for what's coming next.
I have this feeling that it's going to be very exciting to watch.


Night Light

These spacetastic landscape photos by Nydia Lilian have blown me away.

They have this futuristic, other-worldly quality, despite being in black and white, and of an already existing Earth.

The way she has captured the essence of light, even in its absence is enviable, inspiring, and awesome.


The Orient Express

In an ingenius collaborative editorial project, Louis Vuitton has enlisted The Selby to embark on a Pan-Asian train journey from Paris to Shanghai.

The trip recalls the glamourous and fabled Orient Express of years-gone-by, but with a refreshing twist and an air of American nostalgia. 
It's a surprising collaboration, as Louis Vuitton is such an iconic legacy brand, and The Selby is much more of a grassroots documentarian, but the combination of the two in this project feels really fresh and exciting.

It's a 12 day journey documented through photographs, videos, and The Selby's signature scribbled watercolors and sketches. There's something so sweet and inviting about the whole adventure.

Right now, they're on day 2, as they're crossing Belarus and Poland into Russia. You can follow along all the way to Shanghai.

The whole adventure has me pining for a solitary train adventure across half the world and a luxury luggage set.

I didn't even know that was possible.


Things That Are Awesome Thursday: Fireworks

photographs by me

Nothing says Summer, or at least American Summer, like fireworks.

They're loud, they're bright, they're festive-- they're everything America wants to be in one explosive bang after another.

I love fireworks. 
They are awesome....clearly.


Happy 4th of July: America is Awesome Edition

All photographs taken by me

The 4th of July: my favorite holiday. Not because I'm the most patriotic person or I have an unabashed love for all things red-white-and-blue, but rather, it's the one holiday that I can fully support.

America is a really awesome place. It's truly unrivaled. There's a climate/city/place for everyone...and there are amazing people everywhere. People just do things here. They make things, they try things, they risk things.

It's a country founded on revolution. You can feel the lingering sense of revolution in art, politics, and business. 

It's a really amazing place.

Places from top to bottom: Smithsonian in Washington DC, Great Smoky Mountains, NC, 56th St in Manhattan through the window at MOMA, The Ocean at Newport,RI, and Chicago from Millenium Park.



Light is the most temporal of experiences. 
One of the greatest joys of traveling is being able to experience light in different places, at different times, as it will never be again. When I leave a place, one of the most lingering effects is that of the light.

When I was in Seville, Spain, I was struck by the amazing orange glow that seemed to surround the city.
It was as if Seville is a fairytale city, straight out of a dream book from centuries ago, all covered with the warm orange haze of a Spanish Summer.


The Europeans in December

I'm still not sure how I feel about Resort collections.
On the one hand, I feel like designer's truly get to design from their heart for their muse and customer. They don't have to reinvent the wheel or show off their mastery of craft, rather they just get to design wonderful clothes meant for life.
On the other hand, Resort comes out in December and January...As much as I would love to wear floral prints and shorts in December, it is the middle of winter.

No matter the weather, I'm totally smitten with MSGM's Resort 13 collection (available for pre-order at Moda Operandi).
As a self-proclaimed jacket addict, I love how they pair the boxy jackets in prints with short shorts and mixed prints. 
It feels at once ladylike and bohemian.
Fashion at it's finest.