Happy 4th of July: America is Awesome Edition

All photographs taken by me

The 4th of July: my favorite holiday. Not because I'm the most patriotic person or I have an unabashed love for all things red-white-and-blue, but rather, it's the one holiday that I can fully support.

America is a really awesome place. It's truly unrivaled. There's a climate/city/place for everyone...and there are amazing people everywhere. People just do things here. They make things, they try things, they risk things.

It's a country founded on revolution. You can feel the lingering sense of revolution in art, politics, and business. 

It's a really amazing place.

Places from top to bottom: Smithsonian in Washington DC, Great Smoky Mountains, NC, 56th St in Manhattan through the window at MOMA, The Ocean at Newport,RI, and Chicago from Millenium Park.

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