Things That Are Awesome Thursday: Lime Popsicles

Honeydew Lime Popsicles
If there's one summer staple I can't live without....it's lime popsicles.
Popsicles are already wonderful. They're a food-on-a-stick and icy refreshing, but then throw in the citrusy goodness of limes..

Simply addicting.

Personally, I'm partial to the whole fruit variety from Edy's. The Whole Foods brand does a pretty stellar job as well.
However, if you're ambitious, nothing beats the homemade variety.

For homemade summer goodness of your own, this Epicurious recipe is all you ever wanted and more.


Midwest in the East Ventures West

Though my roots are in the Midwest, and I've been living on the East Coast for a little over a year, this past weekend I ventured to the West Coast for the first time.

LA to be specific.

I found the traffic to be more than a little annoying, the lack of personal style disappointing, and the general lack of "city"to be a true flaw. The palm trees, however, definitely reminded me that yes, this is a nice place. A very nice place.

When it's 80 degrees and sunny every single day... how could it not be?

Turns out LA is great. A little slow, but definitely great.

And the sunset above, taken in Venice, was definitely a heart stealer. 
All I can say, can't wait to go back.


Hidden In The Courtyard

Hidden in a courtyard just past the Royal Palace in Copenhagen, is one of the most beautiful boutiques I've ever been to.
A secret fashion gem of Copenhagen, B56 carries the most interesting and unique European brands, such as Basso & Brooke, Inwear, Milleneufcent-quatrevingtquatre, and Stine Goya. The owner and her blogger daughter have an incredible sense of taste and editing. While most of the lines are rather expensive, and more artistic than daily street wear, the shop is not elitist. A rare but welcome retail experience.

I would argue it is my favorite boutique in Scandinavia.

If you find yourself in Copenhagen, it's an absolute destination for the best of European fashion.

Bredgade 56
DK--1260 Copenhagen

+45 3311 3396


mint mint

So the saying goes, "..... is the new black (or pink)," this summer the new color of the season is quickly proving to be mint. 

mint mint mint mint

A color that in the past was strictly reserved for children's easter dresses and mother-of-the-bride evening separates, is quickly become the sophisticated new color trend for the season.

Initially, mint seemed a bit preppy, but as it becomes more popular, it is becoming more of a bohemian middle-ground color between bold blues and stark whites. I think it's safe to bet that mint will be around for at least another season or two. It will be interesting to see how it changes from a feature color to an accent color, as the trend grows into the fall/winter season.

images (upper left-clockwise): 1,2,3,4,5


Squares Squared

Now that it's officially summer time, sunglasses are back in season. I couldn't be happier.

I tried these babies, from Oliver Peoples, on today and they are absolute stunners. The acetate is amazing, in the perfect tortoise shell color. The pips are the perfect circular shape so they add the right amount of detail, but don't consume the frame.

....and the shape....
The shape is out of this world. It's almost a combination square and wayfarer, but perfect for a female face, that they feel just as soft as a vintage oversize shape.

I'm totally smitten. Now all I have to do is save a whole lot of pennies....


Non-Commital Walls

I suppose I should preface this by saying that my job involves lots and lots of scarves.
Which, of course, means I have amassed quite a collection....and come up with more uses for them than simply as a wearable accessory.

Lately, I've been exploring using scarves in decorating.


Though both of these inspiration rooms are studio or art spaces which use scarves over windows, it seemed like a really great way to add some personality to interior spaces.

I hung this map scarf by Franco Ferrari in my room today (please forgive my awful photograph and glaring window light). I like using scarves instead of posters, because they're more sturdy. They can survive move after move, without the bulk of a frame, or the possibility of ripping paper. 
They also add texture and warmth to walls, which adds a certain coziness that isn't always easily obtained with traditional wall hangings.

It's the perfect decoration for the frequent mover or non-commital decorator.

It's just an added bonus that this scarf is an old map print, which just happens to be one of my favorite trends of the moment.


Downtown Day Dreams

all products can be found at Suno

While most girls dream of a closet full of Chanel, or their first pair of Louboutins, my closet daydreams are filled with Suno.

The New York based label offers the most wearable pieces with a fresh approach to patterns season after season. Nothing from them ever looks the least bit contrite, or dated. They somehow mastered designs with whimsical femininity and a serious city chic.

It's the perfect label for any downtown bohemian. It's just an added bonus that all their apparel is produced in Kenya.

Needless to say, I can't wait to see what's in store for SS13.


It's a Garden in Here

I recently bought some new houseplants (see instagram).

Now I don't claim to have a green thumb, but there's something about plants that make everything feel fresher. Even just the color has an outstanding impact on your home.

I love my new plants, and here are some of the plants I'm hoping to add to my collection next.
1. Flowering oregano from Terrain
2. African Violets
3. Snake Plant
4. Moss from Mosser on Etsy


Half Dozen København

Just a few snapshots from Copenhagen.

Though notorious for perpetually grey skies, Denmark put on quite a show with the most ideal spring weather. It was so nice to wander around the northern city before tourist season truly begun. While Paris and London are clear travel hubs, I would argue that Copenhagen is my favorite European city. It has the bicycles of Amsterdam, the design of Stockholm, and the cafe culture of Barcelona all melded into one spectacular city.

...and their brunch is simply on another level!


Old Postcards From Myself


It's an amazing sunny Saturday and I'm headed off to spend the day with a new book in the park. 
Just thought I'd leave some of my favorite black and white photographs, in the meantime.

There's something about season changes that makes me nostalgic. Black and White Photos always fit the bill.


Spring Spring Spring

I just got back from the loveliest romp around Scandinavia (more on that later). As hard as it can be to come home from an journey, it makes it all the easier now that it is finally spring. Before we know it, it will be the days of sunshine, late nights, and summer daydreams. I can't wait.

What better way to say spring has sprung than with some flowers.