Through the Woods...

Now that it's FINALLY December 1st....

I can admit,
I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit this year.
Sometimes the holidays seem to come and go without much noise, but this year, I feel like pulling out all the stops and truly celebrating this most wonderful time of the year.
After all,
I have a lot to celebrate.

found this in the back of my wardrobe.


Sandy Seaside


Hurricane Sandy has come and gone.
While I was thrilled to have an extra 2 days for my weekend, the destruction and havoc she left in her trail is terrifying.

Between the flooded LES, ships in the streets on Staten Island, and the fires in Queens, the destruction caused in New York City is clearly taking over the front page news.

I just think it's important to remember the Jersey Shore.
It's America's Beach.
Please help recovery efforts by sending positive thoughts to New Jersey and donating to the


Taxidermy Gallery

I don't like Litas, I'm over high-low hems. I really don't approve of killing animals for taxidermy.
I love this picture.

It's like an accidental adventure to the woods, following an afternoon picnic.


Autumn is for America


It's strange to think that only a few weeks ago, it was too hot to even think about sweaters.
Fall has now truly arrived. The mornings are crisp and cool; the sun sets earlier in evening with a golden glow unique to Autumn.

Now that fall's here, I'm itching for an American adventure. I want to grab a friend and an old beat up car and head to a cabin up north. Watch the leaves turn to the color of fire, drink tea, read books, and eat pumpkin flavored everything.

Every Fall season seems to arrive with an air of nostalgia. It's a beautiful serenity that I find myself looking more and more forward to each time it arrives.


Things That Are Awesome Thursday: Toast

When it comes to comfort food, simple is best.
This is an ode to toast.

Essentially toast is just bread,
Everything just seems to be better on toast.


New York Eclectic

This is a dream loft.
It actually exists (and on the Upper West Side), but it looks like something more out of an imagination or set design than a real life residence.
Between the floor to ceiling windows, simple-yet-modern furniture, oversized fireplace and museum-quality artworks, it's not easy to discern which design component really makes this apartment so stunning.

The ceiling really ties the whole space together. With the expressionist brushstrokes on a mural scale, the painted ceiling, and the way it is juxtaposed against crisp white architecture, makes the whole space  come to life.

"New York Eclectic" at its finest.


The End of Neon

Neon has never struck a chord with me. It always feels too much like a "trend," and regarded with disgust as a failing of the 80's.
While I did not jump on the neon bandwagon, as summer has faded out, I'm finding myself drawn more and more to refreshingly bold colors. It must be some sort of denial of the seasons actually changing.
The Christian Dior Haute Couture dress above in its amazing chartreuse is a sort of "non-neon" yet super bold color. The ring-like silhouette seem to soften the color so that it is nothing less than an exquisite work of art.
When I saw this picture of the multicolored agate slice, I felt like it paired back with the gown exquisitely. The central lime color draws you in, but the surrounding varied rings of other bright colors keeps your eye engaged, only to be overwhelmed by the intense details of the contours and color combinations.


Opulent Modernity

One of the spring trends to emerge from the runways in New York, that I'm most excited about is Modern Brocade.
This season designers are taking brocade, which is a material most commonly used in occasion dressing during the fall and holiday seasons, and putting it into daywear for summer.
Because the material is being used in a new way, the silhouettes are staying simple and easy to wear. 

The other thing about this brocade trend that's really fun, is that it really is seasonless. Take the Suno skirt in the last picture. You can wear it styled as pictured in the warmer months, or throw on a sweater and boots to keep wearing through winter.

It's a lovely trend, that doesn't feel like a trend.
Is there anything more perfect?