Things That Are Awesome Thursday: Knoxville Tunes

I got turned onto Yung Life, through yvynyl.

They're a really cool band out of Knoxville, TN. You can grab the album on their bandcamp, and it is definitely worth it. It's not every day you find a band that's perfect for summer barbecues and chilling at home on rainy days.

This video is of the 2nd track on the album and features clips from Jim Jarmusch's "Mystery Train."

If this doesn't pluck at your heartstrings, what will?

p.s. yvynyl is a totally awesome music blog. if you want to stay ahead in the indie rock/dream pop world, he's your guy.


Link List: How-to-Cool-Off-When-its-1-Billion-Degrees

Blue Lagos, 2012 by me

While the ultimate escape from the heat is traveling to a distant sea-side locale, unfortunately, it is never as easy as it sounds. Here are some links for ideas to beat the heat when you're stuck in the city dreaming of icebergs and sailboats

-these photographs from by Brian Ferry
-the most beautiful and simple mojitos
-sitting in a movie theater for 2 hours
-jumping into a swimming hole
- day dreaming about a colorful hotel in Palm Springs


Finger Tiers

Lately, I've been really drawn to the thinnest rings. I love how they're at once delicate, yet geometric and masculine.

These two rings would make such a beautiful stack. They're by Palomarie.
The jewelry from this Austin based line is stunning. You can tell the craftsmanship is perfect and the design aesthetic is clear and cohesive.

The perfect blend for amazing and unique jewelry.


Things That Are Awesome Thursday : Rocks in Museums

Things-That-Are-Awesome-Thursday, or every day, is Rocks in Museums. It sounds boring (i.e. "who wants to go look at rocks all day,") and is a little out of left field, but when you actually take the time to look, museums have some totally amazing rocks.

They have crazy variated and interesting forms and vary between the most neutral of neutral colors and most supernatural bold colors.

With the right eye, they're more than inspiring. They definitely aren't your roadside gravel.


Morning Pagodas

wearing: Charlotte by Charlotte Taylor Pagoda dress, Vintage Scarf belt, Vintage earrings, BC Bracelet.

It's rare, but every now and again I find a print that I simply cannot live without. I suppose that's every print when it comes to Charlotte Taylor. She has the most incredible prints, full of whimsy and subtle details.

When I saw this dress, I simply had to have it. It's light cotton and the perfect day-to-night shape. 
Talk about a summer staple.


Wooden Pocket

I'm always looking for a wallet that is small like a man's but doesn't feel exclusively masculine. Sounds like an easy find, but it is not.

Today I stumbled upon this wooden wallet. Yes, wooden.

I'm over the moon excited about this. These wallets by Slim Timber hold just enough (a couple of cards and a bit of cash) and have that woodsy-modern aesthetic I'm always after.

...and they're made in Idaho out of hand selected pieces of wood.

Help support Idaho. Buy a wooden wallet.


Armchairs and How to Decorate a Bedroom for Messy People

clockwise: 1,2,3,4

I'm in the market for a new chair. I think every bedroom should have a chair in it. It's nice to have a place to read, or put your shoes on, that isn't your bed. As an added bonus, they catch a lot of things to keep the floor a little clean. I mean, no one always has all their clothes hung up and put away, right??

Anyhow, I've had the same chair for years. When I describe it, it sounds terrifying. It's an armchair from the 70s, that's orange and white stripe velvet. See, terrifying. It's not that bad though, I really do like it, but it's time for a change.

Ideally I'd like a mix between beautiful hard wood and soft vintage leather (I feel like I want everything in that combination). Though I will not be spending thousands of dollars on a chair via 1stdibs, it certainly doesn't hurt to look.

Check out these dream chairs. Bet you didn't even know "dream chairs" existed.

....it's a niche market.


Nooks over Castles


When I was little, and my number one goal in life was to be a princess (yeah, I know, it's working out great....), the only interior decor I dreamed of, was having a canopy bed. A great big canopy bed with long curtains that I could close whenever I drifted off to the dreamworld.

While I no longer want a canopy bed, with all its frills and royalty-associations. I do, however, want to slip into a sleeping nook at the end of the day.

A sleeping nook offers the feeling of a one bedroom, but with a more bohemian vibe. It's like a bedroom for people who can't decide if they want a bedroom all the time, or just some of the time.

Since I can never make up my mind, this is the perfect architectural half-way between a one bedroom and a studio.

Recent grads take note: sleeping nooks still let you avoid commitment. And no one will mistake you for a princess when you have a sleeping nook and not a canopy.

...i'm pretty sure it's a good thing too.


Things That Are Awesome Thursday: Sale Season

I think it's only fair to state the obvious and throw out how wonderful sale season truly is.
It comes only twice a year, just as the seasons change, and offers just the right prices for the pieces you've been dreaming of all season.

Another thing-that-would-be-awesome, would be to be able to afford the entirety of my sale wish list.
But I think it's safe to say, that simply won't be happening.... but it doesn't hurt to dream.

The perfect day to night shoe.
Necklace- Kelly Wearstler
Architectural and feminine.
Do I ever not need another pair of jean shorts?
Mini bag in the perfect Tomato red.
Sweater- Altuzarra
Sunshine Yellow? The ultimate summer knit.

All available via Net-a-Porter by clicking on the designer.


Resort Quilting

Behind the scenes view into the Resort 2013 jackets for 3.1 Phillip Lim.
Absolutely amazing.

I'm already a jacket fiend. They offer the perfect structure, edge, and femininity, while also showing off the designer's true craftsmanship. These jackets by Lim embody all of the afforementioned.

I saw the second jacket and was floored. Watercolor florals and butterflies, with quilting and zippers? I must be dreaming. Good thing Resort collections sell the longest, I'm looking forward to seeing these jackets for months.

images from T Magazine


Northern Waters


I got back from my last trip less than a week ago, and I'm already itching to hit the road again. In the past 6 weeks I've been in European capitols, bustling American metropolises and sitting under palm trees at the beach. I'm hoping my next travels will take me north again, to the coasts of Maine. 

While I love laying on white sandy beaches, there's something so crisp and relaxing about sitting oceanside in the north. It's just warm enough that you can jump in the water if you feel like it, but most time is spent reading a favorite book, going for a hike, or bicycling to the fish stand to buy a dinner to cook at home.

It's like a lake-house vacation for the east coast set. Could anything be more wonderful?


Dance On Fire

Weekend mornings are something sacred.

They're crisp and sunshiny and dedicated to what I feel like, and only that.

This new release by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros has me wanting to spend the whole day dancing.
It's the perfect summertime saturday song.


Sun Rays of Paper


Collages get a bad rap. Yeah, they're a big part of the elementary-school art curiculum, but there's really nothing elementary about them. They require a tremendous amount of skill. To have a great collage, you need to mix perspective, scale, and imagination, on top of the standard rules of composition. To make it even just a bit harder, you have to use mostly found materials.

It's just harder than it sounds.

Anyhow, I stumbled across these collages by Kylea Borges today. I'm smitten. They're modern, yet nostalgic and keep your interest for hours. I love the play of geometric lines with the naturalistic photos. They're almost otherworldly.
These collages are just stunning.