Nooks over Castles


When I was little, and my number one goal in life was to be a princess (yeah, I know, it's working out great....), the only interior decor I dreamed of, was having a canopy bed. A great big canopy bed with long curtains that I could close whenever I drifted off to the dreamworld.

While I no longer want a canopy bed, with all its frills and royalty-associations. I do, however, want to slip into a sleeping nook at the end of the day.

A sleeping nook offers the feeling of a one bedroom, but with a more bohemian vibe. It's like a bedroom for people who can't decide if they want a bedroom all the time, or just some of the time.

Since I can never make up my mind, this is the perfect architectural half-way between a one bedroom and a studio.

Recent grads take note: sleeping nooks still let you avoid commitment. And no one will mistake you for a princess when you have a sleeping nook and not a canopy.

...i'm pretty sure it's a good thing too.

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