Ivory Knots

I'm not really into weddings, but when I saw images from Dhani Harrison's wedding to Sola Káradóttir, I was awestruck. They look like the happiest and loveliest bohemian couple.
She wore a custom Stella McCartney creation that featured all-over embroidery (including their first names) to make the dress feel both traditional and modern.
Overall, it's just absolutely stunning. 
Looks like something out of daydreams and fairytales.


Gifts from Giacometti


I spent most of yesterday in the park with the September issue of Vogue.
I certainly wouldn't be the first to marvel at what an amazing book it is, so I won't....
I just really want to point out an essay that in such a massive fashion book might have been missed.

On page 494, Amaranth Ehrenhalt remembers being a struggling artist in the 50s in "Cafe Society."She recalls a gift, or rather two, that she received from Alberto Giacometti.
I won't spoil it an recount it in entirety (its worth the cost of the magazine just for the one essay,) but reading this essay reminded me again why I love to read.
I love the stories, the connections, and the characters. I love it even more when they blend reality and fantasy, so that the only way it is real, is that I believe it so.

I'm used to finding stories like this in The New York Times or The Atlantic, but to find such a powerful, short, and sweet story in the middle of the September Vogue, was the most pleasant of surprises.


Things That Are Awesome Thursday: Internet Menagerie

Now that I'm no longer a full time art history student, I no longer spend my days sifting through countless databases and archives looking for images and primary sources.
Needless to say, this is the greatest thing I've seen on the internet in ages.


Orchestras of Bug Dreams

Uniqlo is collaborating with Jun Takahashi of Undercover on a line of outerwear and clothing this fall.
While the clothing is beautiful, the real gem of the collaboration is the campaign shot with the whimsical insect instrumentallists.

They're a little robotic and creepy, but at the same time they have a feeling about them that reminds me of a forest spirit friend from a Miyazaki film.

This campaign has everything I could want: beautiful coats, scandinavianesque light filled rooms, and bug friends.
Dibs on the cricket.


Ice Cream Man and the Elephant

sources unknown

I'm a bit of a black and white kick this week.
How great are these photographs?
They're vintage, nostalgic, endearing, hilarious, and intriguing all at once.
They make me want to spend the whole day daydreaming about a black and white world where people have, not pets, but animal friends.

I think I'd like to spend the day paling around with an Otter.


Shirts With Words

Graphic T-Shirts are definitely making a comeback.
I've really been loving these super simple t-shirts with just words. In fact "shirts with words" is one of my favorite trends of the moment. They're perfect to pair back to a floral pair of jeans or bold graphic skirt.
Plus, they'll be super easy to layer once the cold fall weather sets in.

Check out these Ts and more shirts with words on my Svvply.


Things That Are Awesome Thursday: Being an Internet Superstar

So today, something weird kind of happened...
I became an internet superstar.

While superstar might be a bit of an exaggeration; I thought I was just posting another picture on my tumblr... but somehow the Tumblr Radar gang got a hold of it, and I ended up on the dashboard.
Not only was I on the dashboard, but as part of the "Tumblr Radar," I (my blog of inspirational images) was in the same company as NPR Music, The Daily, and Kickstarter.

Anyhow, I went from 36 followers to 1,127 followers in less than a couple hours.
Talk about "things that are awesome."


Feathery Pink

1, 2

Isn't it interesting how both a photograph of a model in an evening dress and a western landscape can both contain the same fluffy pink texture?
In one it's the focal point, and in the second, it's the color that ties the photograph together.
Amazing how well it works in both.


Neighborhood Yellow

There's been a surplus of this sunshine yellow in my neighborhood lately.
It's the perfect complimentary color to these late summer days.

I was feeling very "California" when I got my picture taken in front of the batman.
Grey tank top, neon shorts, converse, and super bold sunnies make for the ideal August uniform. Complete with a mandatory ponytail.


Fruit Brains

It's fig season, and that means that the fig tree in my backyard is giving me the most beautiful fruits.
Yesterday was actually the first time I've ever had a fig.
They're kind of weird. They feel a little like alien brain pods. Which is grotesque, but they're still sweet and lovely.

Now that I've tried them, while they're in season, I'm trying to incorporate figs into every meal I can!


Magenta Residents

Photographs Taken By Me

Magenta isn't exactly the most natural of colors. It's borderline neon.

Both these flowers and this mouse reside in Lisbon, where they bask in the sun against faded white backgrounds and bold blue skies.


Things That Are Awesome Thursday: Oven Truck

Food Trucks are quite the culinary trend right now. 
Personally, I'm not crazy about them, because I'm not exactly graceful and normally have trouble balancing both my lunch and standing at the same time.
I do, however, love the affordable options for gourmet food that they offer.

When Fast Company posted this article about Del Popolo from San Francisco, I was immediately intrigued by the stunning simple design but complex process of this west coast food truck. The actual truck has the look of a Brooklyn boutique restaurant, and the food looks absolutely farm fresh.

While I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to eat such a lovely pizza standing up, I would certainly be a customer for take out. 
Now, to remember this for the next time I'm in San Francisco....


Vertical Turquoise


It feels like hurricane season is starting early on the East Coast. What should normally be the hottest weeks of the year has been dreary and wet.

All I want is to keep clinging to the last moments of summer. 
I'm definitely feeling the seasons change. I'm starting to think about my fall wardrobe and how I'm going to spend these colder months curled up inside.

One thing that might help me get through this coming fall and winter is COLOR. Color everywhere. 
How great are these turquoise walls? They're bright and cheery, but also surprisingly calming and versatile.

I love how well it lends itself to a "bohemian-modern collector" aesthetic.

Do you think my landlord would mind if I went Turquoise this fall?