Neighborhood Yellow

There's been a surplus of this sunshine yellow in my neighborhood lately.
It's the perfect complimentary color to these late summer days.

I was feeling very "California" when I got my picture taken in front of the batman.
Grey tank top, neon shorts, converse, and super bold sunnies make for the ideal August uniform. Complete with a mandatory ponytail.


  1. I love these photos and I'm a little jealous that your neighborhood has a batman sign. That sunny yellow really is perfect for summer days.

  2. A dose of yellow is in order to make the neighborhood cheery and sunny! And that door and gorgeous car definitely exude lots of yellow to lighten up the place! But I do love the car. Top-down autos are one of my all time favorites. And yes, it definitely reminds me of summer. :-) [Nettie Christensen]

  3. A bright and sunny neighborhood is truly a delight! And it is not every day that you see an awesome yellow vehicle. Well, except in the Big Apple where all cabs are painted yellow. But a vintage yellow car is a rarity, which is why seeing one is such a joy. (Clint Moore)


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