Things That Are Awesome Thursday: Oven Truck

Food Trucks are quite the culinary trend right now. 
Personally, I'm not crazy about them, because I'm not exactly graceful and normally have trouble balancing both my lunch and standing at the same time.
I do, however, love the affordable options for gourmet food that they offer.

When Fast Company posted this article about Del Popolo from San Francisco, I was immediately intrigued by the stunning simple design but complex process of this west coast food truck. The actual truck has the look of a Brooklyn boutique restaurant, and the food looks absolutely farm fresh.

While I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to eat such a lovely pizza standing up, I would certainly be a customer for take out. 
Now, to remember this for the next time I'm in San Francisco....


  1. I want that truck to come to Minneapolis. Stat. That pizza looks so delicious!

  2. how perfect! i'll definitely have to remember that next time i'm in SF. love food trucks!!!
    xo TJ


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