Non-Commital Walls

I suppose I should preface this by saying that my job involves lots and lots of scarves.
Which, of course, means I have amassed quite a collection....and come up with more uses for them than simply as a wearable accessory.

Lately, I've been exploring using scarves in decorating.


Though both of these inspiration rooms are studio or art spaces which use scarves over windows, it seemed like a really great way to add some personality to interior spaces.

I hung this map scarf by Franco Ferrari in my room today (please forgive my awful photograph and glaring window light). I like using scarves instead of posters, because they're more sturdy. They can survive move after move, without the bulk of a frame, or the possibility of ripping paper. 
They also add texture and warmth to walls, which adds a certain coziness that isn't always easily obtained with traditional wall hangings.

It's the perfect decoration for the frequent mover or non-commital decorator.

It's just an added bonus that this scarf is an old map print, which just happens to be one of my favorite trends of the moment.

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