The Orient Express

In an ingenius collaborative editorial project, Louis Vuitton has enlisted The Selby to embark on a Pan-Asian train journey from Paris to Shanghai.

The trip recalls the glamourous and fabled Orient Express of years-gone-by, but with a refreshing twist and an air of American nostalgia. 
It's a surprising collaboration, as Louis Vuitton is such an iconic legacy brand, and The Selby is much more of a grassroots documentarian, but the combination of the two in this project feels really fresh and exciting.

It's a 12 day journey documented through photographs, videos, and The Selby's signature scribbled watercolors and sketches. There's something so sweet and inviting about the whole adventure.

Right now, they're on day 2, as they're crossing Belarus and Poland into Russia. You can follow along all the way to Shanghai.

The whole adventure has me pining for a solitary train adventure across half the world and a luxury luggage set.

I didn't even know that was possible.

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