Ancient Adventures


There's something about these photographs that so eloquently captures the thrill of adventure for the "modern man."
 Though both were taken in the late 19th century, they still seem relevant.
These photographs show impeccably dressed men on bike tours, in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

I'm 90% sure the second photograph was taken in Norway. I think I've been there.  It is slightly embarassing to not be entirely sure, but I do believe that life in color, over a century later, looks quite a bit different. But, if I do remember correctly, this lookout point is  much more awe inspiring than this photograph would lead you to believe, and that's saying a lot.
However, having been there, I can also confirm (in case you couldn't tell) that to bike all the way up to that look out point would be a challenge I would not be excited about.

These men must have been quite fit to make it to the top on those antique bikes and in suits!

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