Garden of Heavenly Dresses

I've always been more interested in contemporary art. But there is something about "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Bosch that is, and always will be, unparalleled. It was my favorite painting in art history books, and after stumbling upon it at the Prado in Madrid, it will always be my favorite painting.

Enter: Carven

The Parisian powerhouse can do no wrong in my book. I've always been smitten with their perfectly tailored silhouettes, slightly feminine details, and the most incredible materials. But this dress goes above and beyond anything they have done before. 
They made my favorite painting into a dress. In a phrase, "I Die!" (and not even ironically, I'm serious about this.) I love how the colors are altered to fit the fall season and the print is warped and twisted to fit the silhouette of the dress. This dress is everything a printed dress should be.

 It's clearly out of my price range.
I can compare pieces from Carven to MONTHS of rent.
But... this dress will have me splurging.

They say you should wear what makes you happy.
Nothing makes me happier than incredible art and beautiful dresses. 
Win Win.

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